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RE: Looking for old Delta programs

>Now if only there were
>a way to scan in all the programs we've all got on hard copy in the 
basement ...

I've been training Xerox Textbridge/Mac to OCR the output of DELTA's 
80-column line printer.  After some training, it does pretty well, 
depending on how old the ribbon was when the listing was printed.  I have 
scanned in, but still have to proof Far-Out Opcodes and a handful of other 
humor.  I haven't gotten back far enough in the basement to find much code, 
although I do have listings of the PDP-8 simulator and assembler that I 
wrote in BASIC-Plus.

I'm working on getting a paper tape reader hooked up, keep your fingers 

Has anybody had any luck in reading old 9-track magtapes?  I haven't found 
a local drive yet; it sounds like they're all gone from ZK (DEC Spit Brook 

- Aron