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RE: Looking for old Delta programs


This is great! It's up on the web site now. 
http://www.eecis.udel.edu/~mader/delta/downloadrsts.html is the place 
to go. Now everybody can relive the RSTS experience. I trust all of you 
former Deltoids are going to want to at least take a look at this! I'll 
be curious to hear your reaction to RSTS after 20+ years? Seems a bit 
more primitive than I remember. Enjoy!


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Subject:	Looking for old Delta programs

We now have RSTS up and running under Windows 95.  I sent a disk image 
and compiled simulator to Bob to put on the web site.  Bob Supnik at 
DEC helped us debug the problem with BASIC-PLUS.  It turns out there is 
an obscure error on the Pentium processor that causes 1u<<32 to return 
1.  This breaks the FPP emulation.

If you have any old BASIC-PLUS programs in machine readable form, send 
them to me via e-mail.  It's fairly easy to import them into RSTS by 
attaching the simulated paper tape reader to a DOS file.  You then 
enter the command "OLD PR:"

I found some old DECUS stuff on sunsite.unc.edu, but there doesn't 
appear to be any Delta stuff there.

Regards, Gary
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