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RE: RSTS/E Installed for Win95


Yes, let's do that... also, Chuck has a number of BASIC programs from 
AI DuPont, many of which were left over from Delta. It might be nice to 
throw some of those sources out on the RM03 image. Any of you other 
Deltoids got any electronic copies of Delta sources?

When you are ready to plop it on the web site, just send it to me in a 
zip file or you can ftp it. Also, did you guys send Supnik mail so that 
he can fix the official version of his simulator?


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I have RSTS/E fully installed now on an RM03 image, and a compiled 
version of the PDP-11 simulator for Windows95.  I'll write up some 
documentation on how to boot it, and then we should probably put it out 
on the web page for those that want to play with it, but don't want to 
build the simulator and go through the whole SYSGEN process.

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