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Re: oldtimers (was: Re: Dungeons & Magtapes)

On Wed, 27 May 1998, Clark Baker wrote:

> One thing I am struck by is how different the "after Teresa" crew
> seems to be.  Without going back through the archives, some things
> which stick in my mind from the later group are spiders and flys,
> elevator hacking, lots of drinking, and lots of controling who can
> have access to the computer, who gets a privileged account, and being
> assigned work to do and not doing it because you weren't paid.

ditto. Once delta physically moved to education there was a definite
change in attitude. The (ed. faculty) folks running it at that point
struck me as wanting to show they could run a data center, which I thought
missed the point of DELTA. I peeled off at that point anyway and stuck
with EE ...