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Re: oldtimers (was: Re: Dungeons & Magtapes)

>>Teresa still lives in North Wilmington.

I suppose this is the house that she had built in the early '70s?  There
wasn't any furniture in it yet and she had a meeting there for the contact
students.  I think that Ed Baker was lecturing about BASIC-Plus with a
black board in the living room when Teresa's daughter came in, took a look,
and went back outside to check the house number to see if it was the right
house.  It was pretty funny at the time.  I don't think that many people
would have let us have a meeting in a house that they were getting ready to
move into.  So we also got a bunch of personal inspiration along with our
academics.  I remember when Teresa had a letter or paper published and the
editor wrote back asking if she was married, was it was Mrs. Green or Miss
Green, and she replied that she had been married for <N> years, but didn't
think that it was of interest to the readers, so just print her name
"Teresa O. Green."  (At 42, hearing someone say "Mr. Insinga" still sounds
very strange to me.)  And I think I already mentioned Dave pointing to the
PDP-8s and telling us to go ahead and have fun, we couldn't hurt them (as
long as we didn't pull out modules and break them) but even if we did, they
were under a maintainence contract and DEC would just come out and repair
them.  I don't know how many times I reloaded OS/8 from paper tape onto the
RK05 after code I was debugging scribbled on that disk.

- Aron