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oldtimers (was: Re: Dungeons & Magtapes)

Dan, Rick, et al:

I hope you haven't gotten the impression that this is a list for the '79-80
crowd only. Yes, we were the ones who set it up, but with the hope that ALL
Deltoids would participate.

As I told Teresa privately several weeks ago, it's a tribute to her and to
all of you who worked with her that, even after you left, Delta remained an
institution that meant so much to so many people. The fact that, nearly 20
years later, we still remember it so fondly is perhaps the best evidence for

I've never met Rick, and Dan wouldn't remember the brief conversation we had
one day in the UDCC machine room in about 1980 (I don't remember what either
of us said anymore either, just that I had finally met the person who, by
then, Deltoids had mythologized as the Great God Dan Grim ... ) But I, and I
think all of us young'uns, would be highly interested in hearing your tales
of the old days, updates on life since Delta, comments on current computing
topics or whatever you want to discuss.

And I -- we -- hope you'll be able to attend the reunion as well.

Alan Flippen 
Delta '77-'81

At 07:47 AM 5/27/98 -0400, you wrote:
>> Dan, Dave, Teresa, Joe, Eric, any live bodies out there?
>Hey Rick,
>	I'm still around (at UD).  Teresa still lives in North
>Wilmington.  Dave moved to Florida (one of the keys) but still has a
>beach house in Bethany so he is around in the summer.  (It's kind of
>wierd having a house in the Florida keys and a beach house in Delaware
>but then Dave was always a little strange!)  I have not heard from
>Joe or Eric lately.
>						Dan