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Re: Dungeons & Magtapes

I still have access to both a PDP and 1600BPI tape.  As far as I know, 800
BPI tape drives do not exist anywhere on the planet.  And for the
PDP-11/83, it's running RSX-11M/Plus, no RSTS/E. Equipment is at work, we
are close to pulling the plug on it soon.  100% operational, although
turned off.

Sure has been alot of traffic concerning 1979-1980 activities,  How about
hearing from my vintage years of 1974-1976?

Dan, Dave, Teresa, Joe, Eric, any live bodies out there?


Bob & Cecelia wrote:

> Hi Tom,
> The tape number "77-030 L" looks like ones that were cataloged in a
> Delta Tape Library of circa 1980. I have a printout that I located
> among
> Ernie's stuff that lists tapes numbered like yours, except all these
> end in
> the letter S or no letter at all. Tape 77-030 with no letter is listed
> as
> "Systems,Sys File Storage,DOS(PIP) 07-Apr-78." Does anybody else
> have listings like this or remember anything about what the tape
> numbering convention was?
> As for reading them, if they are 1600 bpi, I can read them. I am
> looking
> for access to a drive that still goes down to 800 bpi, but no luck yet.
> And,
> as for whatever backup software might have been used, hopefully the
> pdp11 simulator will help out with that. I haven't noticed anyone on
> the
> list mentioning that they still have (or should I say have since
> acquired)
> a PDP running RSTS.
> Based on the tape listing, it appears that most of the Delta tapes were
> made with FAILSA and BACKUP. The is a much lesser number that were
> done in DOS(PIP) and ROLLIN (?) formats. Hopefully, the Deltoized
> versions of these CUSPS will interchange with the vanilla DEC versions.
> Bob
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> Three magtapes also found while scrounging around in my "dungeon":
> > One labeled "DELTA Educational Computing System University of
> Delaware
> Tape 77-030 L".  Still in plastic case inside cardboard sleeve.  On the
> sleeve there's a label that reads "RSTS V06C-01  INC RNO, EDT, RMS"
> 31-Aug-79  (c) 1978, 1979 by Educational Testing Service"
> > One labeled "#135 AICEP Backup  DOS Format"  (looks like my hand
> writing). AICEP was the A. I. duPont Continuing Education Program,
> which
> my mom was the director of around that time.
> The last two still have the protective collars around the tapes
> themselves.  Does anyone have a means of reading these?
>                                         bcnu
>                                         -TWE
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