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RE: Dungeons & Magtapes

Hi Tom,

The tape number "77-030 L" looks like ones that were cataloged in a
Delta Tape Library of circa 1980. I have a printout that I located 
Ernie's stuff that lists tapes numbered like yours, except all these 
end in
the letter S or no letter at all. Tape 77-030 with no letter is listed 
"Systems,Sys File Storage,DOS(PIP) 07-Apr-78." Does anybody else
have listings like this or remember anything about what the tape
numbering convention was?

As for reading them, if they are 1600 bpi, I can read them. I am 
for access to a drive that still goes down to 800 bpi, but no luck yet. 
as for whatever backup software might have been used, hopefully the
pdp11 simulator will help out with that. I haven't noticed anyone on 
list mentioning that they still have (or should I say have since 
a PDP running RSTS.

Based on the tape listing, it appears that most of the Delta tapes were 
made with FAILSA and BACKUP. The is a much lesser number that were
done in DOS(PIP) and ROLLIN (?) formats. Hopefully, the Deltoized
versions of these CUSPS will interchange with the vanilla DEC versions.


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Three magtapes also found while scrounging around in my "dungeon":

> One labeled "DELTA Educational Computing System University of 
Tape 77-030 L".  Still in plastic case inside cardboard sleeve.  On the
sleeve there's a label that reads "RSTS V06C-01  INC RNO, EDT, RMS"

31-Aug-79  (c) 1978, 1979 by Educational Testing Service"

> One labeled "#135 AICEP Backup  DOS Format"  (looks like my hand
writing). AICEP was the A. I. duPont Continuing Education Program, 
my mom was the director of around that time.

The last two still have the protective collars around the tapes
themselves.  Does anyone have a means of reading these?


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