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Re: Since then...


Oh my, we're not going to get all worked up over what belongs and doesn't
belong on this list, are we? I was rather enjoying lurking in on the SSI
discussion. So let me ask...

I'm not sure why, but I remember going with Ron to visit the SSI office in
Wilmington one time. They were programming on these cheezy terminals (or
were they "intelligent" terminals). The terminals were in these huge plastic
enclosures, but they had tiny CRTs (like maybe 5 inches). Ergonomics sure
has come a long way! And these devices were being manufactured by the CDS
company? I remember, even then, thinking that these folks are going to out
of business because they are trying to do too much themselves. Why didn't
they just buy an off the shelf terminal? Was the application that

Also, for the benefit of preserving this for history, what exactly was the
Delta connection? Was this a Fly Boy enterprise or was it just coincidence
that Delta folks were providing all the brains for SSI? Does anybody
remember what ever happened to SSI and/or CDS?