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Re: Project Delta Alumni Survey

Bob & Cecelia:

Some comments about the Project Delta Alumni Survey:

1.  Whether my family goes to the reunion depends upon what activities we
have planned for it.  Of course, what activities I'd like to
see/participate in depends upon whether we'll have families there...

2.  Recollections about Delta days are still fuzzy.  I'm in the process
of reading through the old e-mails logged on the delta web page.  It's
bringing back many memories.  I'll post anything I can add to them after
reading the rest of it.  [Wouldn't want to implicate myself in anything
I'm not already accused of... ;-) ;-) ].

3.  You didn't give a "don't know / don't care" choice in the Religious
Affiliations section.  I'm a devout practicing agnostic on many of the
items listed there, including:

	Windows NT  (Work with it, its better than 95, but...)

Mostly, I left them alone, which put me in the "Dislike" category by
default.  (I guess there's an "If you're not WITH us, you must be AGAINST
us..." philosophy going on.)


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