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Re: Since then...

On 19 May 98 15:50:14 -0700 "Ed Tecot" <tecot@cs.stanford.edu> writes:

... I also worked at SSI in the summer of '80.  I don't remember if we
crossed paths at that time.  Do either of you recall a 16-year-old in
your midst? I worked almost exclusively on ELCON. ...


I don't remember you from SSI (I vaguely remember you from Delta).  Ron &
Anne were working on some sort of OS there, I think.  I was working on an
accounting package, or something.  The place shut down after the boss (I
can't off the top of my head remember his name) "disappeared" with most
of the company's money.  I also remember something about his "losing an
argument" with a train while inebriated (a very common occurrence --
sloshed, not necessarily his playing chicken with trains).  Was in the
hospital with some serious injuries.  SSI was on 9th street in
Wilmington.  I also worked for a place behind the McDonald's on Krikwood
highway next to the Elsmere bridge.  I don't remember what the place was
called, or whether any other Deltoids worked there.  I think that was
before my SSI days, but I could be wrong about that.  I also worked for
an asphalt plant in New Castle.  Worked on the IBM 5110 (a pre-PC
microcomputer considered to be a front-end processor for their
mainframes), interfacing it with a Toledo truck scale.  The system kept
track of tonnage hauled, printed the truckers delivery tickets, kept
track of raw materials inventories and reduced them per truckload, and
put all of the transaction data in a log on 8" floppy to be
sneaker-networked to their mainframe in town the next morning.


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