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Re: DoKs, Magic and DELTA

Thomas Epp wrote:
> Kendall,
> If you play regularly at DoKs Games Club, you probably know the
> "regulars" there better than I do.  I'm more involved these days in the
> "operations" end.  (I go to our annual shareholder's meetings and
> occasionally chat with John, Dan and Frank), but with my work, school and
> kid, I haven't been a regular gamer there the last year or two.  You'll
> still see my name on the membership list (I pay my dues),  but it's more
> "moral support" than anything else.
> As to how well I know John, we've been close persomnal friends as well as
> business partners for almost 20 years now.  If "strings" need to be
> pulled, I probably can do that.  I'll be happy to ask him about use of
> the game room, etc.

well then, I guess you don't need my help :-P  

Hey, after reading the histroy of delta (yes, just getting around to it)
I realise I do know you. I know that Bob Mader and myself and one other
were walking along when a van turned left if front of us, and the third
with us slapped the van because it almost ran over us.  Was that you?

It has to be, if you and I were the two original spiders.  I asked Bob
and he thought it was Brian Cloud.

> We could create a new expansion set:  DELTA, the Gathering.  Conjuration
> spells could include "Pooh", "SnuffleUffelman" (aka "Uncle Snuffles") and
> "System Bugs".  Enchantments could include "Immediate mode programs".
> ...any other ideas?

Sure, there would be legends like Ed Jones, Ed Boas, and Teresa Green,
artifacts like core memory, beehive terminals and liquid nitrogen
cooling unit.

Instants like end of file on device and core dump.