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magic and Days of knights and Delta

> Someone mentioned yardmonkeys playing Magic: the Gathering as a diversion
> if the reunion stuff gets too boring or reminiscent.  DoKs has a games
> club, where dozens of M:tG spell masters (or spell master wannabes) kill
> their weekend hours.  As far as I know, they still have one day guest
> passes.  I can look into that if anyone's interested.
One of us deltoids, is a frequent player of magic at Doks, and even, the
Delaware state champion in type II.  Can we see a show of hands (all
lurkers too!) of those who think magic might be an interesting side
event to a Delta reunion?  If there are enough of us, I can probably
talk John into letting us use the room, if there's something in it for

Dok's might even let us use the room as the gathering place even if
aren't a large magic group. I suspect many of us know the folks at Dok's
and include it in their memories of Delta and Newark.