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RE: Project DELTA

On Sun, 17 May 1998, Bob & Cecelia wrote:

 Hello people,

>  I don't know how Ron got to the alumni directory, but he'll let us all
> know! ;-) 

I bought it in January.  It helped that I went to A.I du Pont > I also had
the opportunity to purchase one for the UoD students in CD form, but I

> John Mathews aka Dr. Matthews, former head of Occupational Education
     The second spelling is correct.  A call to Occupational education
department secretary should get an answer.
> Dave Robinson
      A call to UoD EE department should get you this info.  I think he
retired rather recently.  Within the last 5 years.

> Sherry Rowlend
     sp? Roland; I'll check the UoD Directory.  She may still bet at the

> Dorris Ryley
     sp? Doris Riley