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RE: Project DELTA

Hello people,

Well, Ron's dip into his High school yearbook & directory has paid off. 
 We've found Keith Barnett!  Through other channels we've found Harry 
Shelton & Neil Garrett today also.

We're down to common names & women that most likely are under their 
married names, so, dig that yearbook out so I might  figure out who we 
haven't found yet has gone to what school.  This could help us locate 
the parents.  I don't know how Ron got to the alumni directory, but 
he'll let us all know! ;-)

Here's the list of folks we haven't been able to locate yet. Just 
because someone has called these people doesn't mean we've found the 
right ones.


Dave Anderson
Mark Cohen-called (302) 656-9825, 652-0287, no ans.
Sue Cook
Carol Craddock-called (302) 947-9943, left msg.
Don Emerson
Jeff Fuller
Neil Garrett
Dawn Hickman
Janet Hillard
Jodie Hobson
Ken Kane
Robert Lee
John Mathews aka Dr. Matthews, former head of Occupational Education
Donna Minner
Dan Osicky
Mark Quarles-called (610) 296-2396, left msg.
John Rich
Matt Rider
Dave Robinson
Sherry Rowlend
Dorris Ryley
Tom Sevy- called (302) 834-8298, left msg.
Carolyn Shipper
Phil Strohm-called (920) 648-5280, (941) 261-4972, left msgs.
Dan Stuart
Steve Thorpe