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Forget your PPN?

Hi folks,

I have scanned in and posted some account listings discovered in Ernie's
pile of Delta papers. The latest one is from 1981. There are some early ones
that I am guessing are from around maybe 76-77, but I'm not sure of the
exact dates. Maybe somebody can figures out when these were from by the
accounts that were in effect at the time. If anybody has any that are even
earlier, please send them along!

Hopefully, these will assist those of you who are pursuing various avenues
of Delta historical research! They do give you a sense of the projects that
were going on at the various times. It is interesting to see the surge of
privileged accounts that seemed to reach it's peek in 1979.

Anyway, these and other goodies are all posted at 
http://www.eecis.udel.edu/~mader/delta. Enjoy!

Bob [1,50]