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In this excerpt from Teresa Green, a Dr. John Matthews is mentioned. 
 Anyone know if it's the same John Mathews on the DELTA alumni roster; 
could there be 2?  If it is one and the same, what role (if any) did he 
play... I'll try to find him if he had a role of some sort, but it 
seems this is the only place he's mentioned.


 Then the Provost asked me to write him a report on what DELTA was 
& my role in it. There were several meetings with the Provost &  Dept. 
which I was asked to attend. Suddenly, DELTA MUST change!  But why?  I 
my friend, the Dean of Education,  & he said that Dave & I had been too
successful, we had started a "turf war" for which outcomes were totally
unpredictable.  Everyone had to "tighten their belts".  He explained 
that the
University was a clearly defined organization whereby Faculty had 
status & that each department had a mission statement which was 
reviewed & had
to be approved by the appropriate committees.  EE had to "tighten its 
belt" &
rewrite DELTA accordingly, which meant no computer "service" to the 
Because DSAA had no place in the University organization chart, I had 
place.  I could no longer go to faculty to discuss educational computer 
However, the Col. of Ed had anticipated this, discussed it & wanted 
Delta (&
me) to come there.  They were writing a proposal for this.  It was to 
be in
the new Occupational Education Dept, of which Dr. John Matthews was 
Chair.  I
should go talk with John.  I did so.  I had known & been very pleased 
with the
formation of that department.  The state needed it.  Maybe there was 
hope yet.