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Re: Do you recognize me)

On Fri, 15 May 1998 11:41:54 -0400 (EDT) George Robbins
<grr@shandakor.tharsis.com> writes:

... The Deer Park changed hands from the long-time owners in the later
70's, to a partnership including Mickey, Frank & Leonard, who were all
visible when I started shedding brain cells there (long post-delta), 
Mickey was a fun Irish guy (a teacher I think) but had only a small share
and didn't stay involved in operations more than a few years.  Frank was
the sports nut and was responsible for starting the interior renovations
and I think also the "quality" live music.  Leonard eventually bought out
the other guys and was more interested in running a business, but
continued with  the
improvements including the new front porch and outdoor dining. ...



Leonard Reed still owns the place (according to my "inside" sources). 
Frank Giovannozzi wheels & deals in real estate primarily in the Newark
area.  He sold his interest in Deer Park (which he acquired in the late
70's) to Leonard in about 84 or 85. 
Frank is now part owner of the Days of Knights, a fantasy gaming and gift
shop on Main Street.  My friend Dan (mentioned in my previous e-mail) is
the president of that operation, and I am (for this year, anyway) the
secretary.  We, along with manager John Corradin and a few others, are
the owners of DoKs.

Someone mentioned yardmonkeys playing Magic: the Gathering as a diversion
if the reunion stuff gets too boring or reminiscent.  DoKs has a games
club, where dozens of M:tG spell masters (or spell master wannabes) kill
their weekend hours.  As far as I know, they still have one day guest
passes.  I can look into that if anyone's interested.


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