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Re: Project DELTA

On Fri, 15 May 1998 10:55:14 -0400 Bob & Cecelia <n3lym@amsat.org>
>... If anyone feels the urge to help out finding folks, let me know. 
We're pretty much > down to calling parents. ...
>Anyone know which High School Dawn Hickman went to?
>Cecelia Mader
I don't know about Dawn, but there are a few not yet located that I'm
reasonably sure came from A.I. duPont.  I'll check my senior yearbook to
verify, but the list is:

	Dave Anderson
	Keith Barnett
	Andy Cardinal (1)
	Mark Rutter (2)

Notes:	(1)  A friend of mine (also from DE) was looking over the
list and said that he worked with an Andy Cardinal in ISD.  This Andy was
in a wheelchair, which is consistent with what I remember about "our"
Andy.  As I recall, Andy had some debilitating disease (Muscular
Dystrophy or MS or the like) and had trouble walking.  My friend said
that he also worked with Gary Luckembaugh's brother Eric, who was one of
my best friends in my only year at A.I.  Eric dabbled with DELTA and
programming, but he never was really a "Deltoid" as I recall.  I lost
track of him after high school.

	(2)  Mark Rutter was definitely A.I.  He was the one who
introduced me to DELTA and to Ed Jones.  I know where his parents lived,
(I used to drive to his house), though I'd have to drive there to figure
out the street name and address.  It's one of the major East/West streets
that crosses Rte. 141 north of Kirkwood Hwy.  I amy even have (somewhere)
and old phone number of his.


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