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Speaking of the Deer Park

Now that I've read some of the previous posting, bunches of memories are
flooding back ...

I remember sitting in the Deer Park with EJ [Ed, do poeple still call
you that, or Pooh?]
talking about some specification or another for Delphi and one of us
red wine on the spec.  Wouldn't you know there was something important
that page.  Every time I'd go back to the spec I'd laugh.   Who would
though to do product design in a dimly lit bar?

And ... it was at the Deer Park that I learned that I have a limit for
[Bet you thought I'd say beer, right?]   Ed and I [and maybe others?]
having a long conversation.  Ed was talking mostly and I was listening.
So I finished my food and ordered a refill of tea, and another, and
That night I realized just how wired you can get off hot tea.

The DP is also the only place I've ever walked out of without paying,
and to have the waitress come chase you across the parking lot.   I
I was with Donna Minner, doing the 12-1 UD lunch thing.  We finished and
were just hanging out until the 5-minutes-to-1-it's-time-to-go alarm.
up and left.  Totally forgot that the waitress hadn't yet brought the


Ken Cowan
NuMega Lab - Compuware Corp.
9 Townsend West
Nashua, NH 03063