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Re: The Deer Park (was: Re: Do you recognize me)

> Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 11:10:13 -0400
> To: deltoids@mcws.net
> The facts are these.  There has always been a tavern of some sort at the
> corner of 896 and Main St.  Edger Allan Poe did come to Newark and gave a
> poetry reading.  Probably on his way between Philly and Baltimore.  The
> current building, The Deer Park Tavern, on the corner dates to the 1860's
> and replaced the previous tavern.  It was built as a bar and Hotel.  The
> legend is that when Poe was in Newark, he got drunk at the tavern where
> the Deer Park now stands and could not or would not pay his tab.  He was
> then thrown out of the tavern into the street.  As he got up he aledgedly
> invoked the following curse. "Whoever lives in this town is doomed always
> to return."  The Deer Park for at least the past twenty years has used the
> raven as it's symbol in honor of this event.  A stuffed raven and a copy
> of the legend are incased in the entrance to this fine old establishment.

The history's a correct as legend allows, though I'm not sure that it
really verifiable.  The "stuffed" raven is actually a wood carving done
by Doug Epps, a guy notorious for being barred from the Deer Park for
most the era, I believe he committed suicide a couple years after doing
the raven in the early 80's.

The Deer Park changed hands from the long-time owners in the later 70's,
to a partnership including Mickey, Frank & Leonard, who were all visible
when I started shedding brain cells there (long post-delta),  Mickey was
a fun Irish guy (a teacher I think) but had only a small share and didn't
stay ivolved in operations more than a few years.  Frank was the sports
nut and was responsible for starting the interior rennovations and I think
also the "quality" live music.  Leonard eventually bought out the other
guys and was more intersted in runing a business, but continued with the
improvements including the new front porch and outdoor dining.

Course we shouldn't forget Judy or Joanie, the long term day and
eveing bartenders...  I could still lust after a few of those

As bars go, it was a pretty fine place, with decent owners and good
food, but I'll have to admit it's been a long time since I've been
thru the doors now, even for a drop-in or meal.  I'd say I did plenty
to mess up my life there, but also lost a lot of computers-are-my-
only-life monotheism.