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The Deer Park (was: Re: Do you recognize me)

Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 10:48:46 -0400 (EDT)
From: Keith R Doms <doms@UDel.Edu>
To: Aron Insinga <ainsinga@infomation.com>
Subject: Re: The Deer Park

The facts are these.  There has always been a tavern of some sort at the
corner of 896 and Main St.  Edger Allan Poe did come to Newark and gave a
poetry reading.  Probably on his way between Philly and Baltimore.  The
current building, The Deer Park Tavern, on the corner dates to the 1860's
and replaced the previous tavern.  It was built as a bar and Hotel.  The
legend is that when Poe was in Newark, he got drunk at the tavern where
the Deer Park now stands and could not or would not pay his tab.  He was
then thrown out of the tavern into the street.  As he got up he aledgedly
invoked the following curse. "Whoever lives in this town is doomed always
to return."  The Deer Park for at least the past twenty years has used the
raven as it's symbol in honor of this event.  A stuffed raven and a copy
of the legend are incased in the entrance to this fine old establishment.

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