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Re: Do you recognize me

Oh Dear, I forgot to take my medication again.  Never mind....


K Redburn wrote:
> Why is it, I ponder, that I am not discussed in greater detail here?
> For surely, I was the center of Delta during my tenure there, yet,
> oddly, my name is not mentioned in conjunction with the lesser gods.  At
> first, I simply assumed this was in deference to me, but now I wonder.
> Almost no one has joined the group and asked "Yes, but what is Kendall
> up to?"  How could these people forget?  Has time diminished their
> memories of my glory?  Perhaps now, as then, the aura of silence and awe
> still pervades.
> I have learned over time, that in spite of what other say, I am
> fallible. Yes, shock I know.  For instance, I now use a compiler and
> syntax checker, yea, even the spell checker in this software. No longer
> do I simply dictate code from memory.  I have even, brace yourselves,
> debugged my own code, and found minor imperfections.
> Time does show that we are all human, some lesser, some greater, but
> human none the less.
> I will grant, that you are all simply waiting once again for me to step
> forward and reclaim my rightful place in glory.
> No, please, don't argue, it only debases yourself.  My memories are
> clear on this matter.
> K