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Re: Do you recognize me

At 05:47 PM 5/14/98 -0600, you wrote:
>Dave, most of the people you mentioned are on this list...
>As for the bar, yes its called the Deer Park, but as far as it being
>one of "Poe's favorite haunts", I think its more like he drank a beer
>there once and they latched onto it as some sort of claim to fame.

The story, as I heard it, was that Poe stayed at the Deer Park and, being an 
impoverished journalist/writer, was finally thrown out for not being able to 
pay his bill, so he laid his curse on Newark, saying that anyone who spent a 
night there woud be doomed to return there.

It actually is a very old tavern (pre-Rev. War, I think) and is thereby notable 
in its own right.  I guess having the UofD nearby helped keep it in business.  
I recall a similarly old former tavern that was south of Kirkwood Hwy. (Rt. 2) 
where Limestone Rd. (Rt. 7) turns right/merges with the road from the left that 
goes to where Christiana Mall is now; it was torn down for an early (for the 
area) gas-only, no-service station.  I think it was called Charter; I remember 
the employees wearing orange jumpsuits (when prisoners still wore stripes).

- Aron