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Re: Do you recognize me

In article <19980514.210239.8823.1.tom.epp@juno.com> ,
    tom.epp@juno.com (Thomas Epp)  writes:
> Yes, but he allegedly spent more than one drunken stupor there.  The
> previous owners (whom I knew back then) claimed that he was inspired to
> write "The Raven" when a pesky bird bothered him while there.  They used
> to even have a stuffed raven in a display window there.  I don't know if
> the new owners (who upgraded the place after buying it in the 1980's
> sometime) got rid of the raven or not.

OK, that's more fact on the story than I'd heard before.  They still
have the stuffed bird in the case last time I was there.  They used to
sell nice thick glass beer mugs with a stenciled raven on it, but I
heard that they stopped doing that.
                                               Rich Thomson