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Anne Dreizler (was: Since then...)

In article <19980514.205533.8823.0.tom.epp@juno.com> ,
    tom.epp@juno.com (Thomas Epp)  writes:
> [...]  Between '79 and
> '81 I worked several assorted computer related jobs (including at Systems
> Services Incorporated in Wilmington, with Ron and Anne), and taught BASIC
> programming at AICEP, A. I. duPont's adult ed. program.

Speaking of which, does anyone know of the whereabouts of Anne?  She's
the last of the "regular crowd" I remember that we've yet to locate...

Any tips/hints welcome :)  I tried my usual sleuthy web database
searches and have come up empty.  I recall that when she was working
for Getty Oil that she was soon-to-be-married, so perhaps she's no
longer listed under Dreizler.  Does anyone happen to know a phone
number/location for her parents?  Perhaps we can reach her that way.
                                               Rich Thomson