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Since then...

To all:

I downloaded the first part of the e-mail message log (the first 1/4 or
so of the pre-list), and am enjoying reading both about recollections and
especially about what the Deltoids have been up to since then.  In an
earlier message, I promised my "history", so here goes:

I left the U of D (as a student, anyway) in 1979 with a 1.65 GPA. I
really wasn't prepared to handle the responsibility of college.  Too much
DELTA, D&D, bridge at Dougherty Hall, and (later) RHPS.  Between '79 and
'81 I worked several assorted computer related jobs (including at Systems
Services Incorporated in Wilmington, with Ron and Anne), and taught BASIC
programming at AICEP, A. I. duPont's adult ed. program.

In 1981, my sister's boyfriend (now my brother-in-law) told me that his
father taught electronics in a trade school in Philadelphia.  I went on
an interview and was hired to teach digital electronics and semiconductor
theory at Lyons Technical Institute, first in Upper Darby and later in
Philadelphia.  While there I also taught (often learning the stuff myself
a week or two before teaching it) AC and DC electricity, computer system
(microprocessor) architecture, machine language programming (6800 & 8080
stuff), diagnostics & troubleshooting, robotics, industrial controller
electronics, physics I (kinetics), physics II (thermodynamics), and math
for electronics (algebra and trigonometry).  In '84 I left Lyons for CHI
Institute in Southampton - basically the same job, but a better school.

>From 1988-95 I taught Computer Maintenance Technology (PC Repair) at
Bucks County Technical School, an area vo-tech high school.  As one of
the requirements of the job, I had to take VocEd courses at Temple
University to get my vocational teaching certification.  I got certified
(Voc I) in both Computer servicing & Repair and Electronics Technology.

1993 was a big year for me.  In July, I married my fiancee of seven
months (just under a year after our first date -- we didn't waste any
time!), Karen Leppel, an economics professor at Widener University.  In
September, BCTS cut my position to part-time.  They informed me of this
in June -- some wedding present!  That September I also started attending
classes at Widener working toward my Bachelor's degree.  I stayed with
BCTS for two years with a part-time status, trying to convince the
administration and the school board to reinstate the program (and my job)
to full-time. After two years  of constantly changing the conditions, I
realized that they had no intention of doing that, and I tendered my

In August 1994, my only child, Russell Epp-Leppel (yes, we're one of
those "liberated" couples who each kept their own last names and
hyphenated the poor kid's name -- at least there's only three unique
letters in it!) was born.  He'll be celebrating his fourth birthday two
days before the reunion (assuming it will be on Aug. 16).

After leaving BCTS in '95, I got a job teaching Computer (PC) Servicing
at DPT Business School, another "trade school" in Philly.  I also teach
Business Math, Business Communications and a few applications courses
(Lotus, MSOffice, etc.).

This fall should be exciting for me.  I'll be taking a leave of absence
from DPT and going to Widener full time to complete my degree.  I'll be
taking 20 credit hours (six math courses!) to finish my B.S. in Science
Education/Secondary Mathematics certification.  As of right now (through
spring '98), I'm carrying a 4.00 GPA at Widener -- a far cry from the
1.65 I left behind at U of D!  I'm also a member of Alpha Sigma Lambda (a
national honor society), and will be joining Phi Beta Kappa this fall.

After graduation, I hope to find a High School math teaching position in
a school where I can put my computer knowledge as well as my math
knowledge to good use.  I'd really love to create a "DELTA 2000", a
network for and run by the kids.  Who knows, maybe I'll inspire the next
"Aron Insinga", "Gary Luckenbaugh", or "Dave Haislett"!  (I sure hope I
don't get the next "Tom Epp"!)


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