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Re: Do you recognize me

On Thu, 14 May 1998 15:03:21 -0700 Ernesto DiSabatino <disab@best.com>
>Hi everybody,
>Dave DiSabatino here.  ...
>This was quite a long time ago and my brain cell ain't what it used to
>be.  I remember a picnic.  I remember Ernie's wedding.  I remember
>Plato.  I remember underage drinking at the bar next door with straw 
>the floor (can't remember the name)?  I remember the Beehives, the
>la120(!), and 9600 being unbelievably fast.  I remember Alan Flippen
>going off to Princeton to study Political Science because he was too
>cool for computers.  I remember the outrage when they made me priv.  
>very dim, but I'm sure it'll all come back.
The "bar next door" with the straw on the floor was Deer Park Tavern (a
favorite haunt of Edgar Allen Poe, as well as us Deltoids... didn't he
modify some of the terminal emulastors or CUSPS or something for us once
before he swore "Nevermore!"?)


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