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Re: Do you recognize me

Hi everybody,

Dave DiSabatino here.

I've been subscribed for a couple days and especially enjoyed my alleged
Eliza dialog.  I'm living just north of San Francisco, travelling a lot,
contracting a bit, having some fun.  I'd love to try and make it to DE
in August for the reunion party, but I'm not sure exactly where I'll be.
I'm mostly writing code offsite so I should have some flexibility in my
schedule and with any luck I'll be there.

I'm mostly doing graphics, image processing, and video these days.  I've
been working for an ILM spinoff in Marin called Puffin Designs, which
makes a realtime video painting and rotoscoping tool called Commotion. I
designed and wrote most of DeBabelizer for Windows last year.

I was wondering where are: Ed Jones, Tony Eros, Ernesto L. Perez, Dawn
Hickman (does she count)?  I heard from Eric Thayer a few years back.
How about Dan G, Matt R, and John B?  Ed Boas?  He's a flyboy, right? 
Thomas Hartmann?

This was quite a long time ago and my brain cell ain't what it used to
be.  I remember a picnic.  I remember Ernie's wedding.  I remember
Plato.  I remember underage drinking at the bar next door with straw on
the floor (can't remember the name)?  I remember the Beehives, the
la120(!), and 9600 being unbelievably fast.  I remember Alan Flippen
going off to Princeton to study Political Science because he was too
cool for computers.  I remember the outrage when they made me priv.  Its
very dim, but I'm sure it'll all come back.


Ed Tecot wrote:
> Do you mind if I let everyone on the Delta mailing list know about your
> whereabouts?  Do you want me to subscribe you?  They're planning a reunion
> in Newark on August 16.
> _emt