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TTDVR mods


Found some documents that shed a bit more light on DELTA's modifications to
the terminal driver. These are the edits done for V7.0 (note that some
things DELTA did to previous editions of RSTS, including ^R and scope
rubouts, became DEC standard by 7.0):

V7.0-07 was the version released by DEC in December '79. Dave Haislett and
Gary Luckenbaugh made the following three edits to it immediately:

V7.0-08: Can't backspace over output
V7.0-09: Fix scope rubouts of control characters
V7.0-10: Make private delimiters work correctly

I made the next three edits, in April and May, 1980:

V7.0-11: Enable ^V to wipe out all typeahead
V7.0-12: Enable MODE 256% to block incoming COMMUN-type messages
V7.0-13: Enable ^R in TECO mode

Eric Thayer and I made two more in December 1980:

V7.0-14: Unclear what this was
V7.0-15: Enable ^F to list open files (from DECUS)

Eric then made another one in January 1981:

V7.0-16: All terminals default to 300 baud instead of 110 baud (!)

Two more edits were made later in 1981, bringing the final DELTA version of
RSTS to V7.0-18, but my records don't show what those were (I was only
sporadically involved by that point). Eric or Tom Conte were probably the
perpetrators of those two edits; if you, or anyone else, remembers, please
let me know.

And does anyone know the date that the plug was finally pulled? I know it
was still operating in January 1982, but beyond that?