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Re: Anyone know where Karl M. Fraser (name fixed) is?

On Tue, 12 May 1998, Rich Thomson wrote:

The last known address I had was:
Karl M. Fraser
P.O. Box 555
Winter Harbor Maine 04693

> An interesting question, Phil.  I have been wondering the same thing.
> Are you sure of the spelling of his last name? 

Spelling is wrong. I provided a middle initial.

 If so, we can probably
> find his parent's home in DE and get in touch that way.  (I recall his
> last name as Fraser, but that doesn't mean much!)  I don't know what
> happened to him after he went into the Navy (Signal Corp, I believe).
> If we can get in touch with him, we'll certainly invite him to the
> reunion!
> --
>                                                Rich Thomson
>                                                rthomson@ptc.com