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Re: Mailing list glitch

This is happening due to the way dol.net has their sendmail configured.  They are
using the reply to address for mail from the postmaster.  I have removed Cloud
'desarian@dol.net' from the mailing list until we can find out what happened.


Alan Flippen wrote:

> Jim,
> FYI, not sure if these automatically bounce to you as listowner. I've
> received three in the last half-hour even though I only sent one message to
> the list.
> Cheers,
> Alan
> >Date: Mon, 11 May 1998 13:51:39 -0500
> >From: Mailer-Daemon@dol.net
> >Sender: owner-deltoids@mcws.net
> >Reply-To: deltoids@mcws.net
> >Apparently-To: <flippen@nytimes.com>
> >
> >You sent an e-mail message to     .  However, this individual is
> >not authorized to receive internet mail at this site.  If you have any
> >questions you may send mail to Eric.VanVlack@dol.net.
> >
> >