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I was a teen-age packrat

Hi everyone,

Finally got into the parents' attic and found the following:

6 small magtapes from DEC, apparently a complete set of RSTS V7.0
distribution tapes;

2 unlabeled large magtapes, apparently personal or system backups;

About half-a-dozen manuals, including RSTS User's Guide, System Manager's
Guide and Programmer's Guide for V06B/C, "Introduction to Unix" by UDCC, and
a "Vax 11/780 Architecture Handbook" dated 1977-78;

TTDVR sources for V7.0-13 (with several DELTA modifications) and for V06V
(the "virtual terminal handler" of Dan Grim & co.), plus copies of the four
theses written in connection with that project (by Dan, Eric Nystrom, Rick
Burchnall and Joe Mattioni);

BASIC-PLUS, BP2 and assembly language source code for many DELTA-written
CUSPs (haven't had time for a detailed inventory yet; it appears to be
mainly, but not exclusively, those that I wrote or rewrote);

A couple hundred pages of KB0: output, much of it apparently a record of a
V7.0 SYSGEN session;

"Computers and Copyrights," by Anthony L. Eros, dated May 1, 1980, with a
copy of the text of the federal copyright laws;

Assorted FS-mails, system directories and account lists, mainly from 1979
through 1981;

Plus two boxes I've barely even opened.

Now, a question: Of what use is any of this? Has anyone succeeded yet in
reading magtapes that have been stored in an uninsulated attic for 15+
years? Does the KB0: stuff help in generating a DELTA RSTS for the
simulator? In other words, does anybody but me actually WANT any of this?
I'm not immediately going to throw it out, but sooner or later ...