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Re: Alarm

On Thu, 07 May 1998 09:50:20 -0600 Rich Thomson <rthomson@ptc.com>
> Other things I remember were your "LPTEST" program, which scanned
>the entire disk for readable text files and printed them out. :)  I
>think the name was intended to throw off any observing sysadmins :)

I think 'garbage collecting'  was probably engaged in by nearly all of
I know it was one of my main sources of programming ideas when
I was first learning to program.

>print train mechanism of the LA36 and if the beeping didn't wake you
>up, then you would certainly be woken up by the print head smacking
>your hand as it returned to column 1!

... And Alan also wrote...
> There was definitely an ALARM program, though I don't remember whether
> carriage return "feature" was included. I believe I eventually folded
> into the giant ATPRO enhancement I did for V7.0.

  Yes, I wrote one as well, though I thought I had it on the HP2000
but I wasn't really that masochistic...  It was the sound of the print
repeatedly returning that was to wake me.
  I have an old 8080 system in my basement connected to my Panasonic 616
home phone system.  I wrote a program that calls each person's room at 
scheduled times for each day (& some kids several times).  It has become
indespensible to my family (four teenagers still at home).  The computer
keeps track of all calls in & out of the house.


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