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RE: Reunion in Newark?

I'm interested in attending, but I may have a class (a final exam) that
Sat. morning.  If it is held in the afternoon or eve, I'd probably

As to family, my wife wants to know what's on the agenda.  If its all
rehashing the "good old days", she would not be interested in going.  If
there are activities planned for spouses &/v kids, she might be persuaded
to go.  (My son is 3 1/2 - I don't know what kind of attention span he'd
have for this sort of thing.)


p.s.  I'm interested in what the rest of you Deltoids are doing now -- I
haven't had time to read through the threads on the Delta Web Page yet (I
read Alan Flippen's Unofficial History, though), if this info is in
there, I'll probably get to it next week sometime.  If not, please let me
know.  I'll update you on mine in a future e-mail or a posting.     -TWE

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