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RE: Reunion in Newark?

I 'll try and attend, no family in tow. (I'm not sure I want to expose them
to this part of my past anyway...) (*snicker*)


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Hi folks,

Ernie and I have been talking about the reunion. We are looking at the
weekend of August 15. Hopefully, this gives folks enough time to plan ahead,
because you wouldn't want to miss this, right?

Planned activities are reserving the second floor of Klondike Kates on Main
Street for the basic reception/party. Ernie is in charge of the slide show.
After we get kicked out of there, we can take a field trip to the various
landmark buildings. (Can one of the folks who still works for the University
volunteer to arrange access? We promise to be well behaved.) Also, folks who
are local to the Greater Delaware Orbit may want to consider volunteering
their guest room/sofa bed to folks who are going to travel in from out of
town (Cecelia and I can accommodate one person or a couple).

So let me know how that date sounds to you (weekend of August 15). Also,
please let me know if you think you can make it (mention spouses and kids if
they are coming, too). I want to start to get an idea of how many people we
are talking about. Thanks!

Are we excited yet?