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RE: Beehives...

Bob Mader wrote:
>I'm glad you saved them! I had assumed all the Beehives were gone for ever!
>Folks, please give us a warning (via the list) if you're ever thinking about
>throwing things out... give us a chance to save them for historical

Anyone who wants my Beehive terminal or terminals, send me e-mail.  I've
been approaching throw-out time for it or them (I haven't looked to see
what I have lately).  Bob gets first dibs.

>Also, I wonder if the technical docs cover the escape sequences... I seem to
>remember that the Beehives were not compatible with any standard (e.g.,
>VT52, VT100, ANSI). It might be fun to write a Beehive emulator if we ever
>get any of the Delta software running on the PDP-11 simulator. Didn't we
>have Beehive versions of a system status display program (something-DPY)
>and, of course, Beehive Star Trek? Funny, though, I can't remember if we
>ever had a visual editor for the Beehives?

Yes, I believe the technical docs have the escape sequences.  If you look
in most Unix termcaps, the superbee is still there.  Probably because it
has the most amusing comments embedded in it ... the termcap entry talks
about how the superbee is the most brain dead terminal imaginable, and that
there are three different versions of the termcap entry, all broken in
different ways, etc.

BTW, the superbee was based on an 8008 running at a blistering 250 KHz.
When you did a delete line command, you could actually watch the line
get swallowed up -- took about a quarter of a second.