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Re: Reunion in Newark?

Count me in too. Probably alone; my SO hates reunions, though he is a
computer guy (systems analyst for a major investment company: a COBOL
cowboy!) Won't need a place to stay.

Plans sound great; maybe we could add ...

--Show and tell (Tony Eros's old-computer collection, everyone's random
source code, etc.)
--Demo of the current U. of D. computer system

What do y'all think?

Looking forward to it.


At 11:42 AM 5/7/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi folks,
>Ernie and I have been talking about the reunion. We are looking at the
>weekend of August 15. Hopefully, this gives folks enough time to plan ahead,
>because you wouldn't want to miss this, right? 
>Planned activities are reserving the second floor of Klondike Kates on Main
>Street for the basic reception/party. Ernie is in charge of the slide show.
>After we get kicked out of there, we can take a field trip to the various
>landmark buildings. (Can one of the folks who still works for the University
>volunteer to arrange access? We promise to be well behaved.) Also, folks who
>are local to the Greater Delaware Orbit may want to consider volunteering
>their guest room/sofa bed to folks who are going to travel in from out of
>town (Cecelia and I can accommodate one person or a couple). 
>So let me know how that date sounds to you (weekend of August 15). Also,
>please let me know if you think you can make it (mention spouses and kids if
>they are coming, too). I want to start to get an idea of how many people we
>are talking about. Thanks! 
>Are we excited yet?