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At 09:50 AM 5/7/98 -0600, Rich Thomson wrote:
>I also remember a story from Bob that you once wrote an "alarm"
>program for the LA36 for when you spent many long sessions in the
>basement of the computer center.  Apparently this program would sleep
>until the desired "wakeup" time and then beep the terminal a bunch of
>times.  If this hadn't woken you up yet in time to kill the program
>(or perhaps just give it some input?) it would send a carraige return
>to the print head.  The idea was that your hand would be inside the
>print train mechanism of the LA36 and if the beeping didn't wake you
>up, then you would certainly be woken up by the print head smacking
>your hand as it returned to column 1!

There was definitely an ALARM program, though I don't remember whether the
carriage return "feature" was included. I believe I eventually folded it
into the giant ATPRO enhancement I did for V7.0.