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I remember you and Karl Fraser showing me how to kill that stupid dwarf
in the maze and get the extra batteries from the coke machine!

Other things I remember were your "LPTEST" program, which scanned
the entire disk for readable text files and printed them out. :)  I
think the name was intended to throw off any observing sysadmins :)

I also remember a story from Bob that you once wrote an "alarm"
program for the LA36 for when you spent many long sessions in the
basement of the computer center.  Apparently this program would sleep
until the desired "wakeup" time and then beep the terminal a bunch of
times.  If this hadn't woken you up yet in time to kill the program
(or perhaps just give it some input?) it would send a carraige return
to the print head.  The idea was that your hand would be inside the
print train mechanism of the LA36 and if the beeping didn't wake you
up, then you would certainly be woken up by the print head smacking
your hand as it returned to column 1!
                                               Rich Thomson