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Re: Beehives...

Chris Brown wrote:
> Ralph,
>   Does the footage include your FACE display?  I remember you writing
> this on
> Phil Bernowski's DELTA account for the Tek's & how SLOWLY it would draw
> the
> next angle.  I knew you'd filmed it but I never saw the footage.  I
> remember how
> you had to cross your eyes & focus to see the 3D.  Since then I've never
> had
> a problem seeing the currently popular 'magic-dot' 3D poster images.

Yes, I have a box in my storage shed containing printouts of
various such images, which I can scan in (though the silver
paper from the printer -- what type? -- has turned brown).
And the movie has some footage done one frame at a time
direct from the Tek (rather dim, even with high-speed, B&W
film) as well as some done one frame at a time from
printouts. Unfortunately, I live overseas so won't get
access to this stuff until August. I'll scan it in then and
also try to dig out source code which I'll try to port...

By the way, not only was my Basic+ code totally spaghetti,
but I developed all the 3D stuff from scratch (figured out
the formula for perspective projection from trial and error
-- if you divide by z squared instead of z, you get a neat
"fish-eye" distortion). No matrix transformations! Later
Dr. Lamb showed me some Fortran source using matrices
which was way more compact and elegant, though perhaps no
more efficient...

Say, you're right, I do remember using Phil Bernosky's account.
I wonder if I ever got my own account? I certainly spent a lot
of time at Delta, in the fishbowl as well as Willard... But
perhaps that would explain why noone ever gave me an
assignment to work on? Those were the days!
Ralph Gonzalez