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--- Aron Insinga wrote...
> primitive.  Dan went to DEC and got a non-disclosure view of one; they
> weren't announced yet.  Instead, EE got the computer center to scale
> from a 2 CPU X 2 IOP B7700 to replace the B6700 to a 1 CPU X 1 IOP
> and a DECsystem-1090 running TOPS-10.  And a CDC Cyber-174(?) for Pluto
> mean Plato [but I did run at least 1 FORTRAN program on it in batch],
> an HP minicomputer and an 11/70 rounded out the new computer center
next to
> the solar house.  And a few racks of Gandalf port selectors, which

Since I haven't seen Bob come down on anyone for being 'off-subject'...
Later The B77 was upgraded to a 2 CPU B7700.  It was supposed to 'learn'
how to
share load between the two processors after installation.  What it did do
was become
increasingly slower (interminably slow operation prompted the upgrade in
first place) until it all but stopped.  Apparently it started spending
all it's time
'thrashing'- swapping user workspace between RAM and the hard drive & not

actually processing the task while it was in RAM.  Burroughs techs
got it sorted out.

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