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  I beleive I have public domain source code of ADVENT in BASIC on a
disk if  you're interested....
  I must have spent, not hours, but weeks playing that game in the
of the Computer Center on LA-36's.  I  Don't know how many trees gave
their lives
for my relentless quest to complete the game.  Though once I'd mastered
it, I don't
think I played again except maybe to impress others.

---Rich Thompson wrote....
> machine, which I used concurrently while at DELTA.  I used Ron Reisor's
> PDP-11/70 running unix for a little while as well -- mostly to play
> 'dungeon', the descendent of ADVENT and the ancestor of Zork!  Now I
> have fancy graphics versions of Zork on my home PC :).  I have an _old_

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