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At 11:38 AM 5/6/98 -0400, Aron Insinga wrote:


>has the Spring '82 DECUS tape, put there by Tim Shoppa (shoppa@triumf.ca)
>who said he'd put more there if he got them.  I don't think that it had any
>of our stuff there, but others might recognize something; please let us know
>if anyone digs through it and finds anything there from Delta.)

At a brief look through there, I don't recognize anything either, but spring
'82 was somewhere around the time DELTA disbanded so I wouldn't necessarily
expect it.

Meanwhile, this URL definitely belongs on our site; it's a complete "home
page" for the PDP-11, with FAWs and lots of stuff. I haven't had time to
poke through it yet but if the links live up to their billing, it could be a
gold mine for us fans. Thanks, Aron, for pointing it out.