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OPNDPY was one of my favorite programs.  I'm not sure how the technique of
exracting the user numbers from the FCB tables came about, but I do
remember the discussions.  The solution, of course, was to make a
data-base of the disk position of the directories, because RSTS's tables
did not know the user number.

My guess, is that OPNDPY came about because of misbehaved high-school
students using up all the disk space, but I am sure ED can shed lite on
the reson for it's conception.

Incidently, I really liked the following programs:

   ROLLIN.BAS (Restore tape to disk without shutting down system)
   FORMAT.BAS/BFORMA.BAS (To correct Clark Baker's bad habits)
   OPNDPY.BAS - Open file displyer
   PPCODE.BAS - push-pop code decompiler
   PIP.MAC - Dave Haislett's super fast PIP written in assembly language
No particular order.


On Wed, 6 May 1998, Ed Baker wrote:

> I'll take credit for OPNDPY though.  It used the beehive functions to
> insert line and delete line to avoid redrawing the screen.  You could
> see activity on file channels 13, 14, and 15 too.  Channel 15 was used
> to load executable files, 14 for the old/save/replace commands, and 13
> was the temp file.
> -Ed Baker