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RE: Scanner - Changed Beehive subject

> > We also had an Opscan (-17? -12/17?) scanner.  George wrote
> > a RSTS device driver for it.  [That assembly code was one of
> > the Great Mysterious Puzzles that I endeavored to understand.]
> > We used it to scan in surveys.  I don't know for sure, but I doubt
> > that we used it for scanning in test forms, because that wasn't
> > the Delta way:
> Quite the contrary.  ED Baker wrote a LOT of test scoring programs for
> standarized tests for the scanner.  I modified ED's code to create output
> for Pat Craven's PhD thesis again using scanned tests. That thing was too
> clumbsy.

To keep the record straight, it was actually my brother Clark Baker who
wrote the test scoring software.  It was a nice piece of code written
in a modular style to support the different phases of test scoring and
different types of tests.  I remember there was a large backlog of tests
waiting to be scored and that George Robbins, Clark, and I spent the
night (in 248?) sleeping a few hours on large wooden tables.  

I'll take credit for OPNDPY though.  It used the beehive functions to
insert line and delete line to avoid redrawing the screen.  You could
see activity on file channels 13, 14, and 15 too.  Channel 15 was used
to load executable files, 14 for the old/save/replace commands, and 13
was the temp file.

-Ed Baker