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In article <01BD78BE.EC5A4460.n3lym@amsat.org> ,
    Bob & Cecelia <n3lym@amsat.org>  writes:
> Who remembers JARGON.TXT?

I do!!  :)

I think I got the first JARGON.TXT off either a DECUS tape, or off one
of the other machines in the CC's domain -- perhaps the TOPS-20
machine, which I used concurrently while at DELTA.  I used Ron Reisor's
PDP-11/70 running unix for a little while as well -- mostly to play
'dungeon', the descendent of ADVENT and the ancestor of Zork!  Now I
have fancy graphics versions of Zork on my home PC :).  I have an _old_
printout of the jargon file, when it was only 22 pages long and didn't
yet have version numbers on it (or a date).  I think this printout
comes from the DELTA era, but it looks proportionally typeset, so I'm
wondering if it came later from a PostScript style printer while I was
an EE undergrad at udel.

Alan says he remembers me finding the jargon file and insisting that
we adopt its vocabulary :).

I remember browsing DECUS tapes like they were gold mines.  You never
knew what you were going to find in there, although I considered most
of it "low grade ore".  Very reminiscient of the way one explores
large FTP repositories these days :)
                                               Rich Thomson