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RE: Beehives...

On Tue, 5 May 1998, Bob Mader wrote:

> Good thing you have the docs on those Beehives... I seem to remember them
> being a temperamental lot. Didn't they have problems when they got too hot?
> Seems all the Delta Beehives had extra fans installed in the sides.

Yep, I did them at the EE shop and it was a cause of some major EE/Delta
friction.  Once the fans were installed, the heat related problems went

Incidently, I've worked on some Z-29 terminals and thay also had heat
related problems with random characters in screen locations.  Changing the
video RAM to CMOS and putting a heatsink on the RAM chip got rid of this
problem.  So Beehives aren't the only terminal with thermal problems.