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RE: Beehives...

On Tue, May 5, 1998 6:10 AM, Bob Mader <mailto:Bob.Mader@digital.com>
>Didn't we
>have Beehive versions of a system status display program (something-DPY)
>and, of course, Beehive Star Trek? Funny, though, I can't remember if we
>ever had a visual editor for the Beehives?

I remember regularly using the Superbee on Ed Boas' desk to do three things
(okay, four things, but one of them didn't require a Beehive):

1) Play Star Trek
2) Run ???DPY
3) Use a visual editor (I believe it was based on TECO, but it may have
been based on SOS.  It certainly wasn't EMACS, which I didn't use until I
arrived at CMU in 1982).
4) Print posters on the LA120 - I remember putting it into "tiny char" mode
and printing out a poster of the moon.