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Re: Beehives...

In article <> ,
    Aron Insinga <ainsinga@infomation.com>  writes:
> [...]  Later, 2741 terminal support showed up, so we
> borrowed Doris' Selectric type ball and used it on the UDCC APL
> terminals to print documentation.  (The grad students did this to
> print theses.)  I also remember seeing my first daisy wheel printer,
> it might have been in Willard Hall, but I don't remember when.

I remember the 2741!!  I used it to print high school english papers in
10th grade.  I wrote them in RUNOFF, with all its funky .ht commands
and so-on.  (That quickly taught me the lesson that style usually wins
out over substance.  The teacher was very impressed with the justified
output and gave me great marks just for that.)  I remember that the
2741 had a _fractional_ baud rate... something like 34.5 baud?  It was
really slow, and of course you had to feed the pages in single sheet
at a time.  I also remember seeing my first daisy-wheel printer at
DELTA.  Naturally it belonged to Boas/Uffelman and we couldn't use it :)
                                               Rich Thomson